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An ex-WWE competitor who used to be in the middle of the card remembers missing out on the chance to rise higher when WCW decided to operate with a well-known Goldberg.

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Wrestling championships are sometimes a gateway to heartbreaks. As happy as the winner gets to be in the situation, the fans are upset and disappointed with the loss of their favorite wrestlers. However, fans don’t always realize the impact losses can have on superstars. The wrestlers who lose the title are often met with grief.

ECW legend Raven recently revealed a crucial detail about one of his title losses. The wrestler has won several titles during his wrestling career. However, his loss at WCW in 1998 really stuck with him. Scott Levy aka Raven recently appeared in an interview to talk about the loss.

Former WWE wrestler shares how he felt about the lost title

Raven won the United States Championship from Diamond Dallas Page in WCW. The ‘Spring Stampede’ of 1998 saw him taking the title away from DDP. Winning a mid-card title is seen as a springboard for further opportunities and eventually getting into the main event. Everybody could observe the same about ‘Raven’. However, everyone’s happiness was cut short when, a day later, Raven lost the title to Bill Goldberg.

In a recent exclusive interview with PWMania, the interviewer asked Raven if he knew prior whether this change of title was going to happen. The former wrestler shared that the company kept him in the dark about the changes until the last moment. “No, I had no idea. It was very disappointing and disheartening too, but it’s a business,” said the ECW icon. Although he was upset about it once, he has now outgrown the issue and understood the business. He went on to provide the interviewer with clarity on how he actually felt at the moment of the loss.

Levy believes a ‘belt’ can uplift a wrestler or bring him or her down. “I felt like I could have elevated it,” opinionated the wrestler about himself. He further cleared that he thinks Goldberg did the title justice in his own way. But he believes that his opponent did not need WCW’s help, “He had to rocket up his a*s. Which he deserved because he was over, you know, whether he could work or not, it doesn’t even make a difference. He could draw money. And he did. I felt like he didn’t need it.” 

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I could have used it at that point,” the wrestler recalled about his state back then. Although Raven ultimately realized that he doesn’t need a ‘title’ to define him, he still recalls how his title could’ve helped him at that point in time.

Do you think WCW was unfair for taking the title away from Raven?

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