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Performance featuring clowns Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates are making jokes about selling the team, in response to a major renovation of PNC Park which may affect the team’s success.

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With the regular season being up and steady now, the entertainment and quarrel with it is also back in motion. And the team bringing the latest conflicts into the mix is the National League’s Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates have a net worth of $1.32 billion and five World Series in their corner. Even so, with two consecutive worst seasons, the Pirates are by far one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball.

Also, a recent controversy from the Pirates’ staff ahead of the home game on Thursday has only made matters worse for the team. It’s because it has put the management of the PNC Park (the home ground of the Pirates) into trouble with the staff members of the ballpark.

Why are the staff members of the Pittsburgh Pirates going on strike?

The class A radio station in Pittsburgh recently announced that the PNC Park ushers, ticket takers, and ticket sellers have gone on strike and will be picketing outside PNC Park on the home game day. As a result, most fans are siding with the staff members wanting to boycott the game to help them fulfill their demands. The strike has come after an apparent refusal from the staff of the offered per-hour wages. It’s because the union thinks that the management is offering the staff much less pay than they deserve. And as a result, the staff will be picketing outside the PNC Park ahead of the Pirates’ game against the Reds. 

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The union urged its members to make signs stating the union’s position, with messaging that is “professional and non-derogatory.” Some of the messages they want to include in the strike are, “Pay Nutting get Nutting” and “We deserve 2023 wages, not 2006 wages.”

After the announcement of the strike, the Pirates management said, “We remain hopeful that the PSIEU membership (union) will ratify an agreement soon.” But how long it will take is still unclear. Meanwhile, Pirates fans have initiated a Twitter war on the management for their inability to pay fair wages to the workers. 

Will the strike stop baseball fans from going to the game?

The Pirates management is saying that if the staff does go on strike on the game day, they have solutions set in place. But most of the fans on Twitter want to quit the game altogether to support the ushers, ticket sellers, and collectors. 

Following are some of the fans’ reactions towards the recent update on PNC Park’s game on April 20th. 

A class act from the staff!

Fans are mocking the team for their inability to pay their workers. While doing so, they are also hoping that all of the Pirates’ fanbase supports them and does not cross the picket line. But what will happen on the day is yet to be known. 

Do you think this is the right move from the ushers, ticket sellers, and checkers? Let us know in the comments below!

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