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Louis Cardinals’ 41-year-old pitcher is generating a lot of attention after making a peculiar snag during the game from the dugout

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Baseball has been America’s favorite pastime for over a century now. It’s a sport that brings people together and provides them with heartwarming laughs, thrilling entertainment, and sometimes brawls. The game’s popularity might have gone down a bit in the past couple of decades, but now and then, even the smallest of things can bring back the fans’ interest in the game. And a strange dugout catch from the St Louis Cardinals’ ace is a perfect example of that. 

In game one of the three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the highlight of the game wasn’t the winner. Instead, it was the 41-year-old, former World Champ, and three times all-star Adam Wainwright who stole the show and melted the fans. 

Baseball fans melted watching the St Louis Cardinals star

Having made his MLB debut in 2005, Adam, aka Uncle Charlie has played only for the National League’s St Louis Cardinals. And now, after playing the game for around two decades professionally, the pitcher has perfected the art of melting the fans. 

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Sometime during the game, when the slugger Corbin Carroll hit a ball, it went straight to the dugout. But before it halted, Wainwright caught the ball with the help of his cap and into his hands, all while having a big smile on his face. 

Ahead of the 2023’s regular season commencement, the 41-year-old pitcher announced that this would be his last year in the big league. And from the looks of it, the former World Champ will win the hearts of the baseball fans till his last day wearing the Cardinals’ jersey. 

Fans are loving this moment

It does not matter to the fans if the Cardinals won the game or not. Because moments like these are what help the fans get united and appreciate the sport as a whole. Even though the Cardinals are having a rough start to the season, and they lost game 1 of the series against the Diamondbacks, the team is indeed doing a great job of winning over their fans. 

Following are some of the fans’ reactions toward the iconic catch by Adam Wainwright while still in the dugout. 


Many will!

Uncle Charlie to the rescue!


Adam Wainwright, who is also known by the name of Uncle Charlie, has officially won over baseball fans. Many will be sad watching Uncle Charlie lift the baseball bat for the last time but will be happy for him to walk into the next chapter of his life. 

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Did Uncle Charlie manage to make you smile too? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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