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? I’m a Sociopath: Ask Me Anything

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Seedphrase Fam ? Happy December 1st! You know we gotta bring the Christmas vibes. Drink your coffee, and put on your puffer, it’s going to be a cold crypto winter.

Today’s Agenda ?:

  • ? The hour-long SBF interview in 2 minutes.
  • ? Don’t miss what’s happening with exchanges.
  • ? Multiple crypto billionaires suddenly dead

? SBF Lying for an Hour.

Sam recently appeared virtually at the NY times Dealbook Summit to do an AMA discussing EVERYTHING. The video is an hour, so we did the due elegance to sum it up in a few points.

Everything SBF claimed and denied. ?

  • He was unaware of committing billions worth of fraud.
  • No illegal drugs were involved.
  • Still living in the Bahamas with no worries about getting arrested.

Almost all the crimes he got accused of committing.

Let’s dig deeper.

Unaware of committing billions worth of fraud. ?

We all know him for HIS two companies.

  1. Almeda Research (The come-up story)
  2. FTX (his new baby)

He also confirmed he lived with 1-2 members on Almeda, and it would only be common sense for us on the outside to assume that these two worked together, right?


Sam had other ideas.

He stated that the two companies worked separately, and he was unaware of Almeda’s massive position in $FTT tokens.

On November 6th (the day CZ announced Binance would liquidate their $FTT position), SBF knew that customer funds would be impacted.

Yet, he tweeted the next day, promising that user assets were not improperly invested and FTX was fully solvent.

We all know how that turned out.

Drug Use ???

Contrary to the belief of the public.

The types of parties he had were board game parties.

And there weren’t any illegal drugs involved.

He’s either the biggest loser or the biggest liar.

So, what’s he up to now?

Still living in the Bahamas with no worries about getting arrested. ?

Yup. And to his knowledge, he’s free to travel anywhere.

But Sam anticipates he’ll eventually have to speak to government officials about what happened.

Jail isn’t even on his mind. Now he’s focused on shareholders and customers being made whole.

His donations to political candidates were made through company profits, and he said he was acting like a “teacher’s pet” to regulators to help crypto move forward.

Thanks for that, bro!

The legal donations he made to Gensler’s campaign were out of great spirit and NOT to try to buy influence by giving money to media companies.

He just wanted to support good media! (sarcasm)

? Golden Nugget: He denied almost everything he was accused of and is not held accountable for anything yet.


Binance ? Seedphrase Daily

Binance approached us about all the content we’ve been putting out every. damn. day. They said they wanted a piece of this apple pie. So we allowed them the sponsorship spot for today. (joking. for comedic effect. no lawsuits please.)

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? Don’t miss what’s happening with exchanges.

Enough with FTX.

Let’s see what solvent exchanges are doing.

  • Binance now has 75% of all exchange volume.
  • Kraken fires 30% of their workforce.
  • Uniswap has launched an NFT transaction and will integrate with seven different NFT marketplaces.

Binance now has 75% of all exchange volume. ?

Yup, you read it right.

They also just bought the Japanese exchange Sakura.

With FTX and many other players leaving, customers have only one option, even if the market is red.

Binance continues to make moves and is at the forefront of crypto.

We can only hope they turn out differently from SBF.

Kraken fires 30% of their workforce. ?

After boasting about hiring for the end of the year, Kraken has recently laid off 1,100 employees. Not the best look.

We previously discussed how Binance and Kraken were the safest CEX and still are.

This does not mean they are going insolvent, but something to note in case future developments happen.

Low trading volume, fewer client sign-ups, lay-offs, everything points to a cold crypto winter, so we hope you’re bundled up with someone special. ?

? Golden Nugget: CASH CASH CASH.

Uniswap has launched an NFT transaction and will integrate with seven different NFT marketplaces. ?

The new NFT aggregator acts like a Google search for NFTs.

  • See global floor prices from seven different marketplaces.
  • Bulk buy NFTs to save gas.
  • List NFTs across multiple marketplaces.

OpenSea might have some competition, with UniSwap being one of the most trusted dApps in the crypto space. It’s one of the only things working since crypto went down.

Integrating NFTs will make them even more certified.

W Uniswap.

Check out the marketplace here/

? Multiple Crypto Billionaires Suddenly Dead

It makes you wonder.

The first was the cofounder of Nikolai Mushegian, who drowned in Puerto Rico just hours after he tweeted this:

The second is another Russian named Vyvacheslav Taran, who died in a helicopter crash.

? Let us know what you think!

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? Meme of the Day

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