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? Everything you missed this week.

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Happy Halloweekend Seedphrase fam ? What’s scarier than wearing a Borat costume every year?

Being behind on crypto.


Friday are meant to be fun. So we’re going to give you the short and sweet run down of the whole week, plus a healthy dose of alpha.

Today’s Agenda ?:

  • ? Weekly Wrap
  • ? Free Alpha of the week.
  • ? NewSeeds
  • ? Meme of the Day

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24,000 Tether ATMs will be available in Brazil ??

  • The ATMs will instantly convert Brazilian reals into USDT and vice versa and send their USDT anywhere in the world.
  • If this is successful, so many countries are next in line. Countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen, the list goes ON AND ON of countries with unbelievable inflation.
  • Stable coins to the rescue.

Reddit NFTs are popping ?

  • Reddit avatars soared up to 799% as traders went nuts for Reddit NFTs
  • Users created +3 million Polygon wallets to collect NFTs.
  • The spooky season avatar sold for 18ETH or $24,150.
  • Reddit did all of this without using the term “NFT.”

Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter ?

  • Aaaaaan he’s letting Trump back
  • Plans to fire 75% of staff (fud?)
  • Fired their top executives. Bye Mr. CEO.

Twitter will allow users to buy and sell NFTs via tweets ?

  • NFT tweet tiles
  • Currently live-testing with Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and Jump Trade

Artblocks Friendship Bracelet ?

  • Erick, a.k.a. Snowfro and @mactuitui, are ecxploring digital and physical boundaries.
  • It launched a few days ago and could be good for profits, but cool nonetheless.

Bitcoin mining to grow food ?

  • Uses recycled excess BTC energy for food production.
  • BTC mining saves both the farmer and miners lots of money. The farmer gets heat which offsets the high cost of natural gas, and the miner gets access to cheaper electricity.

Airdrop season is back! ?

  • zkSync airdrop was available for everyone
  • Our last airdrop call yielded you $1.1K

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? Free Alpha of the week.

This week we have been looking at Chiliz.

No, not the country. $CHZ, the fan token firm that offers fans to purchase tokens. Using these tokens, fans can vote on Socio platforms with their fan tokens and decide things from new jersey designs to team matches in exhibition games.

They are already partnered with major league sports teams:

  • Paris-Saint Germain
  • FC Barcelona
  • A.S ROMA
  • Manchester City

And have announced a new partnership with Kraft Sports, allowing the New England Patriots to join the ecosystem. They plan to cover all major sports leagues to increase fan engagement, already dipping their toes into the NFL and MLS.

Over the past year, their staff has grown 70% despite the sideways movement in the market.

The current price is $0.19 from its All-Time-High (ATH) of $0.73.

Check their CoinMarketCap

Experts believe that this coin is NOT going anywhere. It might be volatile now, but it will take the sports industry by storm when the next bull run comes. With significant partnerships already, it’s only bound to happen with how the industry is evolving.

? Newseeds

Meta’s metaverse division reports a $3.67B Quarterly loss. Diamonds are formed under pressure ?

Will Binance Still Back Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover? ‘I think so,’ CEO says. Elon GOAT ?

Bitcoin Hits $20k. ETH rises to $1,500 level. Crypto market cap reclaims $1T. Little pump before ?

? Meme of the Day

Happy Halloween! Don’t go spending all your money on strippers and booze.

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