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Today’s Agenda ?:

  • ? Podcast to make you smarter, and maybe giggle
  • ? How much are creator fees, really?
  • ? BTC miners will never quit.
  • ? Meme of the Day.

GM, you handsome mfs. Every Tuesday, we have a new web3 expert on our podcast to make you a little smarter. This week, we brought on crypto CEO and consultant Ryan Horst to talk about:

  • Crypto Gaming: where to invest for the next bull run
  • Elon Musk sending BTC to Mars

If you’re driving, doing your PRs, or just cleaning the house and want to get some of the newest Web3 info:

Check it out here. You don’t want to miss it. ?

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? The $1.8B reason why creator fees are a hot topic.

NFT royalty fees have been debated for the past few months. With Magic Eden making them optional, people wonder why we still use them.

We’ll tell you why.

Because royalties have generated creators a total of $1.8B up to date. ?

With all that bread, you can buy this yacht.

12 times.

Who’s banking the most off fees? ?

The average royalty rates on OpenSea have doubled in the past year, going from 3% to 6%. And the majority of those funds belong to the top 10 entities, taking 27% of all royalties earned.

  • Yuga Labs : $147,602,791
  • Art Blocks : $82,015,895
  • OpenSea StoreFront creator (Shared Contract): $76,749,039
  • Chiru Labs (Azuki) : $52,061,077
  • PROOF Collective : $30,731,418
  • The Sandbox : $26,125,799
  • Doodles : $24,342,954
  • VeeFriends : $21,455,933
  • NFT Worlds : $15,428,413
  • World of Women : $13,199,400

On the bright side, 482 NFT collections have collectively earned the other 73% of royalties. Hooray for the underdogs grinding. ?

That’s a lot of cheese, which is why it’s a hot topic in the community.

What will happen if they all disappear? Only time will tell.

But if you want our thoughts, we talked about the debate last week.

? Golden Nugget: Even with the massive amounts of money pouring into the NFT space. This is just the beginning. Six years isn’t enough time for a baby to learn to run. As the space evolves and soars to new highs, that number will increase

? BTC miners won’t stop for anything.

It’s the 21st century. We’re no longer in the coal mines, breaking our backs for some bread.

Now we buy GPUs and mine BTC. ?

Times have changed.

But did you know that BTC miners have been creating and using energy in even more futuristic ways?

Protecting the ozone: BTC miners in Texas are capturing flare gas from oil drilling to generate power for miners. This gas would have otherwise wastefully been released into the atmosphere. They’ve made over $4M last year.

The process reduces CO2-equivalent emissions by about 63% compared to continued flaring.

But wait. There’s more!! ?

In the Netherlands, some farms recycle the BTC mining energy for food production.

  • It’s used to heat greenhouses up to 900 square meters in size.
  • That heat is then used to grow products and bloom “bitcoin flowers.”
  • This pays the electricity bills while giving the farmers free heat to grow their crops.

It’s good to see how much mining has forced people to be more creative.

This is because miners have to pay huge electricity bills (usually). So they’re in a race to find the cheapest energy. And it just so happens that cheap energy is clean energy.

It’s a win for the environment and a win for more crypto miners. ?

If you want to learn HOW to mine, we went more in-depth in this newsletter and showed you how to do it in 4 easy steps.


? Meme of the Day
Tune in tomorrow for everything that’s happening with Reddit ?

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